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Why you need a website…


Do I really need a website? Doesn’t everyone just use social media?

Keeping up with the trends of websites and social media platforms is difficult and a lot of work. A simple step to keeping up-to-date with the trends is updating your website with relevant and accurate information. By only updating your website once a year and only during large events (such as a sale), you may not help improve the traffic of potential customers on your website. 

In the last couple of years, we’ve heard multiple accusations of social media censorship. If you are on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, or more, you may have had your own experience with censorship on a post you never imagined could have been up for questionable opinions. 


Case in point, did you know when you make a post on Facebook regarding “free kittens” that your post will be taken down? In the agricultural world, we would have never dreamed sharing kittens amongst each other would be a violation of a platform we use every day. This is only one example of posts that just don’t work or are not allowed on social media platforms. 


Greenwood website

Your website content, URL, pictures, and the layout are all chosen by the business and website designer. Unlike social media platforms, the content on your website is owned by YOU. It’s your brand, your imagery, your message, and your choice in what your visitors see!

In short, relying on social media platforms alone is a bad strategy in maintaining an online presence. 

A website is your landing page – it is always there. When someone “Googles” you, your website should be the first thing that pops up!

Do we believe in social media marketing?

You bet we do! We’ve seen for ourselves, through our own businesses, the power of promotional social advertising, however, we would never solely rely on these means. Our customers need a base – somewhere they can grab all sale information at once, quickly look up reference information without scrolling through years of page posts, and a way to contact us! 

Promote your business with an online presence – a place where a potential customer can learn all about your operation. We believe a website is the most important tool for your business. 

The driving force behind a professionally looking website will help you show your full branding image and provide the specific tools for potential customers to help make their decision. Keeping your website updated will keep your URL active on search engines such as Google. Remember, through a contracted website with Rural Route Creations, we include unlimited picture and content updates throughout the year, so you are not just updating right before the most important day of the year (and hoping Google will magically recognize you in their top searches). 

Set up a meeting with our team to learn ways you can improve your current website! Or, maybe you need to get your business online…we can help! Let’s get your business to the next level with a clean, fresh, easy-to-navigate site. 

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