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2023 Fall Sales

Aug. 25

Family Matters



Aug. 31

Dorran Cattle Co. Commercial Bred Heifer Sale



Sept. 9

Edwards Land & Cattle Co. Bull and Female Production Sale



Sept. 16

Source for Success XXI Elmlodge & Friends

Indian River


Sept. 22

2023 Signature Series 4.0, Wagyu Sale

San Antonio


Sept. 29

Equal Opportunity Angus Sale

Port Perry


Oct. 1

IRCC “Quality Control” Female Sale

Indian River


Oct. 5

Arthur Polled Herefords & Tiny Angus Oktoberfest Production Sale



Oct. 7

Clark Family Farms Angus Sale



Oct. 12

The Evolution: Volume 3



Oct. 14

Remitall West Production Sale



Oct. 17-18

London Classic Yearling Sale



Oct. 19

2023 Edition Mader Ranches Ladies Night



Oct. 21

Autumn Debutante Speckle Park Sale



Oct. 27

Belvin Angus and Guests Female Sale



Oct. 28

Brooking Angus Ranch Open Book Invitational : Chapter 11



Nov. 4

Star Creek Angus Annual Bull & Female Sale



Nov. 16

Pembina Triangle Simmental Association 42nd Annual Sale

Cypress River


Nov. 17

Pahl Livestock Annual Production Sale

Medicine Hat


Nov. 18

Sadler Ranches Fall Production Sale



Nov. 22

Canadian Western Agribition “Solid Gold” Limousin Sale



Nov. 29

Camrose Country Classic 12th Anniversary Sale



Nov. 30

Lewis Farms Leading Ladies Female Sale

Spruce Grove


Dec. 1

SimPower 8th Annual Female Sale



Dec. 2

Peak Dot Ranch Fall Bull Sale

Wood Mountain


Dec. 4

The Gathering Sale



Dec. 7

Western Select 12th Annual Limousin Sale



Dec. 7

Big Gully Farm Bull & Heifer Sale



Dec. 8

Wheeler’s Stock Farm & Friends Female Sale



Dec. 9

Gehl Ranch Commercial Bred Heifer Sale



Dec. 11

Border City 6th Annual Simmental Sale



Dec. 12

B Bar Cattle Co Bull & Female Sale

Lucky Lake


Dec. 14

MAVV Farms Bull & Female Event



Dec. 15

Friday Night Lights 12th Anniversary Simmental Sale



Dec. 16

The Angus Collection Sale – Volume XI



Dec. 19

McMillen Ranching Ltd. “Herdbuilder 2023” Sale



Dec. 31

New Years Resolution Sale




2023 SPRING/Summer SALES

Feb. 3

Northway Cattle Co. 4th Annual Bull & Female Sale

Cleardale, AB

Feb. 9

Rust Mountain View Ranch 12th Annual Bull & Female Sale

Mercer, ND

Feb. 11

Schaff Angus Valley 120th Production Sale

St. Anthony, ND

Feb. 14

2023 Draft Picks Gelbvieh Bull Sale

Innisfail, AB

Feb. 17

Mader Ranches 34th Annual Bull & Female Sale

Carstairs, AB

Feb. 19

Hillspride Bull & Select Female Sale

Havelock, QC

Feb. 20

Ultra/Czech Mate 6th Annual Bull Sale

Innisfail, AB

Feb. 21

W2 Land & Cattle Bull Sale – Chapter 5

Vermilion, AB

Feb. 23

Robb/Hoegl/Greenwood 18th Annual Bull Sale

Lloydminster, SK

Feb. 24

Maxwell/Rancier 28th Annual Bull Sale

Camrose, AB

Feb. 25

Lewis Farms 38th Annual Bull Sale

Spruce Grove, AB

Feb. 27

Erixon Simmentals Bull & Female Sale

Clavet, SK

March 1

The Event 3rd Annual Bull & Female Sale

Olds, AB

March 2

Pheasantdale 19th Annual Bull & Female Sale

Balcarres, SK

March 3

LaBatte Simmentals with guest, East Poplar 43rd Annual Sale

Moose Jaw, SK

March 4

McMillen Ranching Ltd. 29th Annual Bull Sale

Carievale, SK

March 5

Premium Beef Simmental Bull Sale

Kenton, MB

March 7

Belvin Angus 11th Annual Bull Sale

Bowden, AB

March 8

Sunny Valley Simmentals 33rd Annual Bull & Female Sale

Hanley, SK

March 9

Deeg 20th Annual Bull Sale

Strathmore, AB

March 10

CK Sparrow Farms Bull Sale

Vanscoy, SK

March 11

Brandl Cattle Co. Angus & Simmental Bull Sale

Jarvie, AB

March 13

Remitall Farms 11th Annual Bull & Select Female Sale

Olds, AB

March 14

Harvie Ranching Polled Hereford & Charolais Bull Sale

Olds, AB

March 15

KT Ranch British Columbia Bull Sale

Cherryville, BC

March 16

Ter-Ron Farms 18th Annual Bull & Select Female Sale

Forestburg, AB

March 17

Scott Stock Farm 10th Annual The Bull Sale

Crossfield, AB

March 18

Highland Stock Farms Bull Sale

Bragg Creek, AB

March 20

Brooking Angus Ranch 11th Annual Bull & Female Sale

Radville, SK

March 22

Allison Farms 5th Annual Bull Sale

Delburne, AB

March 23

Anchor B/Anchorage 22nd Annual Bull & Female Sale

Hanley, SK

March 24

Wheeler's Stock Farm 20th Annual Bull & Female Sale

Saskatoon, SK

March 25

Clarke Family Farms Bull & Female Sale

Blenheim, ON

March 26

Schwan Angus Ranch 3rd Annual Bull Sale

Waldeck, SK

March 28

Redrich Farms 5th Annual Bull and Female Sale

Forestburg, AB

March 31

Riverfront Angus Ranch 6th Annual Bull Sale

Medicine Hat, AB

April 1

Veetee Angus Better Black Bull Sale

Lloydminster, SK

April 4

Diamond T “Stockman’s Choice” Bull & Female Sale

Olds, AB

April 5

Peak Dot Ranch Spring Sale

Wood Mountain, SK

April 6

Rainbow Hills Ranch 17th Annual Production Sale

Delburne, AB

April 8

Anchor 1 Angus 14th Annual Bull Sale

Mayerthorpe, AB

April 22

Double Down on Red All Breed Sale

Quaqaw, OK

June 1

Summit Sale of 2023

Colton Hamilton
Belvin Angus

“Our family’s working relationship with Ryan dates back more than 15 years. It has been an honour to work with Ryan for so long. His enthusiasm for the cattle industry never wanes, while his professionalism and talent as an auctioneer have added great value to our operation.”

Tracy Holbert
Cattle Brokers, Inc.

“Ryan Dorran is one of the outstanding Auctioneers I have watched in my forty years in the seed stock business. His obvious talent and crowd chemistry led me to use him exclusively in our annual sale starting several years ago. Our most successful sales have been accomplished with Ryan on top taking charge of the most important day of our year. I consider Ryan an excellent auctioneer, an accomplished stockman and feel completely comfortable putting this day in his hands. However, and most importantly to me, I consider Ryan an impressive young man, a wonderful father, and husband, and feel fortunate to call Ryan and his wife Cassie dear, valued, and forever friends.”

Eric Boon
B Bar Cattle

“When we were picking a date for our annual December sale, one of our requirements was to make sure we could get Ryan to be our auctioneer. Ryan has an outstanding ability on the auction block. He keeps the sale order moving smoothly and energized. We appreciate the fact that he takes the time to stay in touch throughout the year and to stop in for a tour to view how the next sale offering is developing and for a better understanding on how our program works.”

Carson and Clay Moneo
Peak Dot Ranch Ltd.

“Ryan is a true professional and a great auctioneer. He visits a few times a year and gets to know the cattle and the product he is selling. He knows cattle well so he can also represent customers on sale day if need be. We have known Ryan a long time, and he is a pleasure to do business with.”

Lance Leachman
Big Gull Farm

“For several years Ryan consistently stopped for a summer tour to become familiar with our farm, yet never with an apparent agenda. That sincere legwork made his skill and demeanor a natural fit as we transitioned to a sale. His professional approach is predicated on communication, organization, and a motivation to continue evolving. When selling he is clear, easy to follow, respectful and cordial with the crowd, be it in-house or online. Ryan has treated us very well and become a trusted friend in aiding our own efforts to try and become successful.”

Randall O. Ratliff
R&R Marketing

“When you know you just know! When I first met Ryan and his lovely wife Cassie it was an instant positive energy of connection. After getting to know them for a short period of time, I quickly realized that family, love and integrity of building their life together with their two sons was just their way of life! After working side-by-side with Ryan on our first sale together I knew instantly that his way of handling a sale sure met my requirements – “RESPECT-HONESTY and WORKING FOR THE BUYER AND THE SELLER”…a simple process for those that know and a challenging way for those that don’t! I am blessed to know we both know! The path is paved with greatness when we respect and work hard; nothing but positive moving forward for Ryan and his family.”

Kiley McKinna
MC Marketing

“Ryan’s commitment to his clients (big or small), industry passion and natural talent as it relates to the auction business is clearly amongst the best in the beef industry. All that said, what’s propelled Ryan Dorran’s auction services to the highest of levels is his character. Ryan is the consummate professional, the genuine integrity he holds in all his conversations, his honest approach and above all, his commitment to his family is one to behold. As an industry professional myself, spanning two decades, it’s with confidence I endorse Ryan Dorran Auction Services.”

Ryley and Jill Mader
Mader Ranches

“Ryan has been a pleasure to work with for many years. We thoroughly enjoy his professionalism when it comes to the way he conducts himself on tour days, familiarizing himself with the stock and taking the time with us; sale days, where he does his utmost to work hard for ourselves and the respect he gives our customers; and normal days, where we are able to enjoy his humorous and loyal personality to both ourselves and the industry. Ryan’s passion for cattle, the people within it, and the relationships he builds along the way, are all true attributes he can offer any sales team. We are proud to have him as our auctioneer, and humbled to have him as a friend!”

Scott Bohrson
Bohrson Marketing Services

“We have worked with Ryan Dorran for the past 13 years, and he is a true professional in every sense of the word. The passion that he has for the livestock industry and determination to provide a great service to his customers is to be commended. He is not only a great auctioneer but a committed, loyal family man who excels at anything that he sets his mind to. He is a motivated and integrity-driven businessman, and we are also proud to consider him a true friend.”

Taylor Richards
Bohrson Marketing Services

“Ryan exemplifies what it takes to be a true professional. Not only is he a talented auctioneer but he is also a great promoter in every program he has the opportunity to assist in marketing. I consider myself very fortunate to have had Ryan right from the start of my career in the auction business as someone to learn from and look up to. Ryan’s unmatched integrity, respect and loyalty towards both his own customers and his clients’ customers make him an integral part to your livelihood when it comes to selling your product.”

Garth and Ang Rancier
Rancier Farms

“Ryan is the auctioneer for our bull sale, the two female sales, and the frozen genetics sale that we are apart of. Simply put, Ryan sells every animal we sell. We couldn’t be any happier with the job he does selling, as well before and after the sales. Ryan has stepped into long-established sales as the next generation of auctioneers and has handled it with professionalism and integrity and provides a high level of confidence for both the buyers and the sellers.”

Kelly Schaff
Schaff Angus Valley

“Ryan is a very talented auctioneer with a strong passion for success. He knows livestock, understands the industry and has a very genuine personality with integrity that you can trust.  We are honored to have him on our sales team at SAV!”