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Creating a competitive market with integrity and experience


Ryan DorranRyan Dorran

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Working auctions since 2004


Graduate of St. Louis’s, Missouri Auction School 


Providing services in both Canada and the U.S.


Second-generation auctioneer

Types of auctions

With more than 18 years experience, Ryan has provided auction services for the world’s most valuable possessions.

Purebred cattle
 Commercial cattle
Real Estate

Live or online sale closeout auction services

Marketing and Cattle Appraisal

Advice and recommendations from thousands of miles traveled each year


Web design, photography, videography and print marketing

Join us for our Commercial Bred Heifer Sale!

August 31, 2023

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Lance Leachman
Big Gull Farm

“For several years Ryan consistently stopped for a summer tour to become familiar with our farm, yet never with an apparent agenda. That sincere legwork made his skill and demeanor a natural fit as we transitioned to a sale. His professional approach is predicated on communication, organization, and a motivation to continue evolving. When selling he is clear, easy to follow, respectful and cordial with the crowd, be it in-house or online. Ryan has treated us very well and become a trusted friend in aiding our own efforts to try and become successful.”

Randall O. Ratliff
R&R Marketing

“When you know you just know! When I first met Ryan and his lovely wife Cassie it was an instant positive energy of connection. After getting to know them for a short period of time, I quickly realized that family, love and integrity of building their life together with their two sons was just their way of life! After working side-by-side with Ryan on our first sale together I knew instantly that his way of handling a sale sure met my requirements – “RESPECT-HONESTY and WORKING FOR THE BUYER AND THE SELLER”…a simple process for those that know and a challenging way for those that don’t! I am blessed to know we both know! The path is paved with greatness when we respect and work hard; nothing but positive moving forward for Ryan and his family.”

Ryley and Jill Mader
Mader Ranches

“Ryan has been a pleasure to work with for many years. We thoroughly enjoy his professionalism when it comes to the way he conducts himself on tour days, familiarizing himself with the stock and taking the time with us; sale days, where he does his utmost to work hard for ourselves and the respect he gives our customers; and normal days, where we are able to enjoy his humorous and loyal personality to both ourselves and the industry. Ryan’s passion for cattle, the people within it, and the relationships he builds along the way, are all true attributes he can offer any sales team. We are proud to have him as our auctioneer, and humbled to have him as a friend!”

Scott Bohrson
Bohrson Marketing Services

“We have worked with Ryan Dorran for the past 13 years, and he is a true professional in every sense of the word. The passion that he has for the livestock industry and determination to provide a great service to his customers is to be commended. He is not only a great auctioneer but a committed, loyal family man who excels at anything that he sets his mind to. He is a motivated and integrity-driven businessman, and we are also proud to consider him a true friend.”

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