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Box 1699, Didsbury, AB, T0M 0W0

Colton Hamilton
Belvin Angus

“Our family’s working relationship with Ryan dates back more than 15 years. It has been an honour to work with Ryan for so long. His enthusiasm for the cattle industry never wanes, while his professionalism and talent as an auctioneer have added great value to our operation.”

Carson and Clay Moneo
Peak Dot Ranch Ltd.

“Ryan is a true professional and a great auctioneer. He visits a few times a year and gets to know the cattle and the product he is selling. He knows cattle well so he can also represent customers on sale day if need be. We have known Ryan a long time, and he is a pleasure to do business with.”

Taylor Richards
Bohrson Marketing Services

“Ryan exemplifies what it takes to be a true professional. Not only is he a talented auctioneer but he is also a great promoter in every program he has the opportunity to assist in marketing. I consider myself very fortunate to have had Ryan right from the start of my career in the auction business as someone to learn from and look up to. Ryan’s unmatched integrity, respect and loyalty towards both his own customers and his clients’ customers make him an integral part to your livelihood when it comes to selling your product.”

Kelly Schaff
Schaff Angus Valley

“Ryan is a very talented auctioneer with a strong passion for success. He knows livestock, understands the industry and has a very genuine personality with integrity that you can trust.  We are honored to have him on our sales team at SAV!”

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