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A fresh look for 2023

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Ringing in The New Year With a Fresh Look

We hope your holiday season is going great and you had a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year! When you and your family spend time together during the new Year, will you find yourselves surfing the web, or scrolling through social media? I think our families here can also agree, we find ourselves after a big holiday to scrolling through media. During the time of Nov. through January studies show an increase in media usage by 26%. But what does this mean for you and your website?

 Here are the 3 Tips to Maximum your website exposure this Holiday Season:

Website 🤝 Social Media

Website meet social media; social media meet website. This is highly important to link and share the platforms as part of your exposure plan. From posting the website on your Facebook and linking the Facebook account to the website, the audience will not spend an ample amount of time searching for your company, so make it easy to find you! 

Timing ⌛️

When customers are searching for something online or on your social media pages, they are in search of the most relevant and updated information. This means before a sale or event you are hosting give the audience enough time before the event to browse your online presence and get a feel for what you are offering. 


Update Website 🔄

During revisions and new additions to your website, keep the RRC team in the loop about new logos, new events, or even new ideas to be added to the site. Feel free to CC Cassie on conversations with catalog submissions to ensure these updates are made on your site simultaneously. Updating your website shouldn’t be an afterthought. 

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Overall, to achieve the most exposure this new year when your customers are more likely to be browsing for new information, make sure your website and social media are linked, provide the audience enough time to browse information before an event, and present an updated site. 

Keeping up with your online presence is essential and a key part of understanding your audience. Email us to request a Google Analytics report to find out how long customers are spending time on your page, how many new or frequent users there are, and even where the customers are located. 

 Thank you for being loyal Rural Route Creations customers! A very happy New Year from our team to your family and remember to send us any questions or updates you may have.